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What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are the future of apps. Advancements in web browser technologies have made it possible to create web-based applications that mimic and offer the same functionality as native (traditional) applications. This means that apps can now be made just as easily as websites, and that developers no longer need developer licenses to distribute them.

Just like an increasing number of desktop-based applications nowadays offer their functionality online, mobile applications are about to move to the browser as well.

How do I install PWAs?

Although not required, you may save PWAs to your home screen to make them more accessible.


Many PWAs will automatically prompt an install button when you visit the app in the web browser. If not, tap the button next to the address field and select "Add to Home screen" in the list of options that appears.


While using a PWA in Safari, tap the button in the browser. Scroll right among the options that appear and select "Add to Home Screen".

How are PWAs better than traditional apps?

There are many reasons why PWAs are better than traditional apps. Here are some of their most promising advantages.

  • Cross-platform compatibility

    Unlike native applications that need to be developed for either desktop, iOS, or Android, PWAs are compatible with all three! This means as a developer, you only need to develop one application to reach users on all platforms.

  • Simpler development

    Creating a PWA is just as easy as creating a website. PWAs are made with HTML5 and Javascript, and do not require niche programming languages like Swift.

  • App Store independence

    As browser-based applications, PWAs are not subject to the bureaucracy of the traditional app stores. This means that updates can be made instantly, without the having to await the approval of a review team. Similarly, no developer license is required and developers keep all of their earnings (avoiding the 30% transaction fee that is forced upon native apps.)

  • Search engine friendly

    Unlike native applications, PWAs are discoverable and listed by search engines, making them easier to be found by new users.

How do I submit a PWA to Appscope?

We are always looking for new apps to add to our directory. If you know of a great Progressive Web App, use this form to let us know about it.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions or suggestions, please shoot us an email at [email protected]. For press inquiries, see our press page.