Submission Guidelines


We are always looking for new Progressive Web Apps to add to our directory. To make it easier for developers and submitters to develop and find suitable apps, we have compiled guidelines outlining the specific qualities we are looking for. In essence, we are looking for apps that use the latest web technologies to create excellent app-like experiences served inside the user’s browser.

Technical features

There are four main technical features that constitute a Progressive Web App that works well on every major platform.


    A Progressive Web App must be secure. Even static websites should always be served over HTTPS due to the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks and tampering.

  • Manifest

    The manifest file provides metadata about your progressive web app such as icon and title, and is necessary for the discoverability and installability of your app.

  • Service Worker

    A Progressive Web App should provide a Service Worker that enables the app to function offline.

  • iOS Icon

    In order to be installable on iOS, your Progressive Web App should include an apple-touch-icon link tag with an iOS icon.

To test how well your app implements these features, Lighthouse is a good tool that is built-in to Chrome and gives you concrete and actionable results.


In addition to looking at the technical features of your app, we also evaluate its general quality and appeal to users.

  • App-likeness

    Your progressive web app should feel fluid and fast. It should also be able to run standalone without the context of a browser.

  • Usefulness

    Apps we list are useful and provide functionality or a meaningful experience for its users. We very rarely accept personal blogs or websites. Your app can target a niche audience, but the value it provides must be clear.

If you have built or found an app that seems like a good fit for us, please submit it here. We love to see what creative web developers come up with!